How to better navigate and deal with a large amount of stuff in my Vault?

I think I have over 300 things purchased/added via the UE Marketplace. It is incredibly difficult to find things.

  • The website version doesn’t have ability to view more at a time, sort, organize, filter, or do anything.
  • The UE Launcher can search but you can’t open more information about a particular thing in a new tab or new window.

I was thinking of writing some kind of tool to scrap and just build a spreadsheet with the information so I can manage it, but this just seems silly that it’s coming to this.

I’d love to be able to view at minimum by some basic categories (art assets, animations, code, plugins) in both Launcher and Website.

Should I just start writing my own Vault Viewer, or is there any plans for any major overhaul in the near future? Or does anyone have any recommendations on how to better view things in the Vault?

We relay need a way to organize our Vaults and “My Projects” sections, categories would be very useful

Vault categories/filters would be great; this has become more of a problem over time.