How to bend single mesh with Spline Mesh?

Hi, I’m attempting to bend a mesh along a spline with multiple points. My set up works to a degree, but the problem is the mesh bare follows the mid points. I can pull them waaaaaaay out from the mesh and the mesh barely deforms. Have I done something wrong? (note: z is the correct forward axis of my mesh, its a stone tower)

You need to use a For Loop and set start and end for all points. What you have only sets the first and the last, and ignores everything in between.

Yes, it’s a single mesh, my comment is irrelevant.

I’d go with either bending the mesh in Blender or another similar software, or if you need to do that a lot in the engine, with skeletal mesh with multiple bones.

A single SMC deformed over a length of a spline with multiple points. Afaik, this is not possible in BPs. You can have a look at our valiant attempts here:

On the other hand, I’ll just hang in here in case someone finds a way to do it without hacking things to pieces.

Ok, thanks everyone. Not possible is the answer.