How to bend a mesh downwards using modeling tools?


I am currently trying to do some basic tasks using the new modeling tools, however I am stuck trying to bend a simple plank mesh:

The warp tool does have the bend mode:

However the bend only bends upwards. I can not enter negative value into the Bend Depress amount.

When I attempt to rotate the bend gizmo, the bend gizmo does not snap to the angle increments (since it’s a non-standard gizmo), even though angle snap in the viewport is enabled:

This means there is no way to rotate the bend axis precisely 180°, and therefore high chances of the bend direction being skewed.

The only way I found was to first rotate the mesh 180° using the regular rotate gizmo that supports snapping, then bake the transform, then bend the mesh, then rotate it using the regular rotate tool gizmo back, and then bake transform once again. But that’s a terrible workflow for such a frequent modeling task as simple bending. :confused:

Unfortunately this seems to be just one of the many issues caused by lack of unity between select mode and modeling mode transform gizmos.

Just push the gizmo through


I think snapping will come later…

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Ohhhhhhhhh :slight_smile: This is so crazy. There’s like 0 discoverability. I mean, if you push the gizmo through, the Bend degrees value goes into negative. But if I try to type the negative value in manually, it clamps it to 0 :confused:

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