How to begin with Realtime Cinematography ?

Greetings, i was watching the siggraph 2016 video of HellBlade. I really liked the realtime cinematography concept that the performed. I want to know how can one get started with something like that ? What resources will one need ? Any starting point is appreciated

Video link :

Don’t know why no one has responded to this…
But to my understanding, by realtime they refer to instant rendering.

For cinematic in engine, it’s just like as if you were making the game.
You animate your characters, add in your sounds and effects, set up your cameras, render the scene, play the scene and record it (usually by a screen an sound recorder)

Are you meaning realtime mocap and facial capture streaming? We use the Rokoko suit for our work. The rest can be achieved with a vive tracker and base stations and a head mounted gopro for face capture.

Yeah that’ll be performance capture. Same as they did in the recent ‘Alita’ movie. Hey Rick, was looking @ the Rokoko. Any good please? Can you use the data in UE4 or Blender for eg?

clearly i lack knowledge here. I didn’t knew there were so many ways/things . Sorry for posting after so long. I didn’t checked the forums. Thanks for the informations. Yes i meant capturing live performance and taking it directly to engine