How to begin with a very simple pool like game?

Hi guys,

I’m very new at this and have looked at quite many tutorials, but I can’t seem to find any suiting tutorial to get me started.
I want to make a first easy test game with a ball that can be hit by the player, and depending on angle and speed of the “hit” the
ball should go that way at the right speed and collide with stuff on the way.

Preferably I would like to use a “pool cue” or a spring to hit the ball with, like: back for power and release, at the angle I directed the “pool cue” or spring.

I have created a mesh with floor and walls and placed a sphere sitting on the floor.
I don’t want to control the ball, I want to hit it as mentioned above.
Should the sphere be an actor ?

How to start guys, or perhaps lead me the way to some easy tutorial ?
As I said I am a totally new at this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !


Try starting with the “top down” or the “puzzle game” examples. Their UI interactions are closest to what you’ll want to build for pool.
Then build a table with some physical balls on it to play around.
Then update the UI to allow you to cue shots – this will likely be the hardest bit.

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Thanks for your reply jwatte !
Had a look at both the blueprint examples you mentioned, I can’t seem to quite figure it out tho :slight_smile:
I need to find some more tutorials about blueprints i guess.


I tried to create a pool table game using the rolling ball template but the balls don’t behave like real balls used on pool tables. When the rolling ball hits the rack of 15 balls, the rolling ball flies over the rack of 15 balls instead of causing the 15 balls to roll all over the pool table. Any suggestions?

You could constrain the balls to not move on the Z axis, though that would cause problems if balls are to go over the edge of the table.

Could also be the balls are too light? you can override their mass.

Oh yes that too, UE4 won’t properly calculate the mass as pool balls have a higher density than most objects.

2-20-2019, Has anyone made a tutorial yet for making a pool game? I only ask because I too have issues trying to understand and make the cue stick / cue ball with line helper. I assume the stick and cue ball are one single actor and swap on player turn. Not sure how to add a spring like function to the stick to hit the cue ball. Also, not sure on how to add the helper line either. We need some help for future references as well. Thanks

I did a similar thing in another engine. The trick was to have a tiny gap between the balls so that the engine could calculate collision events.

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Hi! So is there a tutorial for making a billiard game? I was trying to make the movement of racking balls in the right way, and I wanted to incorporate it in the rules, but I still can’t realize how to do it.

Hi. I found a tutorial that can help you. This is one of the sources how to build an 8-ball pool game from scratch with HTML5 and Javascript. And these is about rules and peculiarities Good luck with your game though!