How to become better with Blueprint visual scripting?

I’m somewhat familiar with blueprints, but I want to become more advanced and understand it better. How did you get better with blueprint? Which is a good blueprint video tutorial that covers it well?

Thanks a lot for your answer Michael. I look forward to learn even more.

With all things in life I find the best way to learn is to get your feet wet and try to create things for yourself. For instance I spent hours and hours the other night creating a system to control the translucency of water based on depth without using the depth fade node, it was creating issues for me. My suggestion would be to think of something to create, say a really cool road tool spline, and create it for yourself. Follow tutorials to get started, and look what other people are doing. Learning to resolve problems for yourself is an excellent skill to have, and on the way you’ll learn what all the nodes do and how to use them properly.