How to become a pro in game programming unreal engine ?

Iam new to unreal engine ,I know C++ but I want guidance.

Kind of a broad question. Start by studying wiki and documentation:

Hey there Ayoub12,

This is the one that made me feel like I knew what was going on all the way to the bottom of the jar: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

It takes time and motivation. Work on a specific project with specific goals, and you’ll start picking things up eventually as you look at the docs and the source code of other projects. Definitely look at the sample code in Shooter Game and Unreal Tournament, for example, if you’re making a shooter game.

I have the urge to post this everytime someone asks “how to become a pro?”

GOTTA KEEP PRACTICING ^_^!! not much more to add here. He’s right. You just gotta practice and play with the code as much as possible

Hello some tips from what i did when i started out with UE 4.

*** 1 Start by reading basic docs.**

Then continue with: Unreal Architecture | Unreal Engine Documentation
Remember to follow links in the text.

*** 2 Get familiar with the API, when you wonder how a class works what is located where or anything else the API is your best bet.**

*** 3 By now you should have a good understanding on how UE 4 works.**
Try coding some stuff. (Good tip DO NOT open the shooter example.)
Start small with a template project.

*** 4 Read forums and qustions that are not relevant to you, it will be sooner or later.**
Use the forums, AnswerHub and Wiki and use the Super Search.
And don`t be afraid to ask “stupid” qustions there are none.

*** 5 Practice, code and you be a pro sooner or later.**

**Tips: **
Some stuff you have to know.

  • Whats a UObject, AActor, UComponent.
  • Prefixes, and macros.
  • Even tough you are writting code, get to know the editor and its tools.
  • Blueprints can stile be your friend.

Hope it helps.