How to bake an entire populated landscape?

I want to bake an entire landscape with all the foliage and static meshes it contains (output being mesh+diffuse texture+normal). I don’t want to use Simplygon for that. Is there a way without using Simplygon? Thanks!

Edit: in fact the item I need the most if the diffuse texture. The mesh and normal I can get from the landscape mesh itself. I should be able to put a camera on top and make a render to texture from it and save the texture as a file. This is not ideal though, If you have any better idea please let me know!

Are you trying to render an image for a map? I’d just use high res screenshot from the viewport with an orthographic view.

Ok thanks, I didn’t know about the hires screenshot feature, looks great !

However, using this I will just use my landscape mesh and apply the screenshot based texture on the top of it, this will not take into account the geometry of the meshes and foliage on top of the landscape. Ideally I would have liked to have a mesh+texture encompassing the exact geometry of the landscape plus its content (at a lower resolution of course).