How to bake a mirrored animation

I created an animation in engine using control rig, and I want a version of the animation that is mirrored.

I’ve found info about mirror tables but have only found how to use it in the anim blueprint. I don’t see a way to make sequencer use mirror tables so I’m not sure how to bake the animation.

The other option I can think of is to manually go through my keyframes, use the pose tool, and mirror things. It’s not ideal and I’d like to just bake a mirrored animation in 1 button click.


Oh would you look at that, I finally found it right after asking this question.
You add an anim sequence to the animation track on the mesh and delete the control rig track. Righ click the animation track and go to properties. There’s a mirror table option.

I then baked the animation from this into the mirrored version.


Thank you Sir, you are a gentlemen and a scholar :v: