How to backup Mixamo Content - what settings to choose ?

Hi. Mixamo Fuse is free on Steam at this time, but soon it will become paid. Also, the animations are free.
In the case of fuse, I could backup the steamapps folder, and even if fuse 1.3 is removed from steam I could still run it.

I also want to download the animations on the website. What settings should I choose for downloading ?

Format - I can see FBX and FBX for Unity, but not FBX for UE4. What is best to choose
FPS - I guess 60 is the best value
Pose - No character is fine ?
Keyframe Reduction - What does this mean ? I get 3 options - none, uniform and nonuniform. Which to choose ?

Also, can I download the skeleton separately in T pose, so I would be able to rig manually other characters in case of autorigging becoming paid ? Or should I download the character on which animations were applied in T pose ?

youre Aware that those fuse models cause a lot of Errors in ued?
just test one of youre created models with animations for yourself then you will see the flaws