How to avoid stretching physics body

Hello guys!

I have a character with some kind of ponytail. It works fine with all the physics set, except that, when I set the body connected to the head to “kinematic” (so it follows the head instead of just falling to the floor) the hole ponytail stretches when I move fast. It just starts to shake like crazy when it is stretched.

The same happens on the physics editor: when I grab any movable body of the ponytail and pull it in a direction that makes it stretch, it just starts shaking too.

Is there a way to tell the bodies to not separate from each other, or even the hole ponytail to not stretch?

  • I made the ponytail in Blender, if that information helps

Thanks! =)

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I’m becoming worried =
Am I the only one who has/had this issue or nobody knows the answer?

Make sure the bodies are not colliding or the root needs a body.

I’m using Izzy off the UE4 Marketplace, and she trips out when she is a ragdoll, so I went to the Physics asset, added a body to the root, and made sure that there was no overlapping bodies, and she is still stretching like rubber band…