How to avoid multiple engine builds for different projects?

Hi, I have a problem, I use UE4 from sources for building dedicated server and game clients, but default build behavior is uncomfortable for me.

How I do this:

  1. git clone
  2. Setup.bat
  3. GenerateProjectFiles.bat
  4. Open .sln in Visual Studio and build the Engine
  5. Open my %ProjectName% directory, RMB uproject -> Switch Engine Version to new built engine version (by default it uses version from Launcher).
  6. I’m open new .sln in VS
    until this moment all are fine
  7. I’m hit BUILD button(Development Editor), and engine starting to compile again

It’s spend a lot of time and storage space, because new build add %ProjectName% folders for every module inside UnrealEngine source directory.

If I open another projects engine build again and again.

You can keep your projects inside Unreal’s root directory - next to Engine, FeaturePacks etc. This way UBT will generate one solution for all projects it can find in the root.


Can I build engine as for Launcher, and use it?

Yes, you can: Using an Installed Build | Unreal Engine Documentation