How to avoid fake player join in my server?

How to avoide Fake player join in my server? From few days i noticed that many players are joining from the same ip and the server gets full, but no player is shown in the server and they join by random names.
(2) HknMoop
(3) YconRtv
(4) kkkkkklsedfmk1

These are the names and so mny like this.
What function i need to add in blueprints to verify if the player is real or not?

I never heard of such case, If this is indeed fake client then replication should not work properly, so you could verify if it’s sync properly or react properly to replication function calls, variable sync check should mask it easier in packet sniffers making hacker harder to find it. You say player does not apper you can use that factor too.

Also any toughing out of authentication should reduce the problem, if you use online subsystem check account they authenticate with, you can limit of number of people login in to server with same ip and stuff like that.

You got PostLogin event on GameMode, use that as a palce of detection.

Since this is security issue you might also consider reporting this as bug.

I already reported as a security bug in “BluePrints”.
The bug i fixed in the game today using assembly in ollydbg, it was very simple bug in the code injected by “blueprints” in
“printf” function.
It should be sprintf instead of printf.
Now the fake players are stopped but the hacker is now trying to access “invalid memory” access violation and game quits immediately to the screen.
I am debugging this also and will update if i fixed.

Thank you for your interests to speak on this security bug.