How to avoid creating 1000+ references?

I want to make it clear that I am an absolute beginner.

I’m trying to create a simple system where the player brings objects (bp class) to another object (another bp class), kinda like Pikmin. When you “overlap” these objects with the “beacon” object, they simply destroy.

My noob question is : how to avoid creating a reference for each one of these objects? I’m sure I can simply reference “all actors of class” or something like that but again, this is my very first project and I’m quite limited.

Here is a shot at my setup (please don’t laugh) :

Thanks in advance!

You can define an Array of references, instead of multiple ones.
Therefor simple click on the variable icon and select the Array type.

more about that:

I suspected it had to do with Arrays… thanks for the info!

or change type of “other actor” to same type object is. or in this case try to just destroy other actor reference.

I’m sorry but I’m a bit confused now. Isn’t what you’re describing what I am currently doing?

Thanks again Chaosgod, I’m one step closer to getting it correctly.
There is just a little detail that I am missing and I’m just not sure what it is.

This way it works but only for the object “0” in the list.
I’ve checked a couple tutorials but the language barrier is keeping me from understanding as fast as I would like! Once I get things to work I understand in a flash but before that, it’s a long process!


I appreciate the help a ton!

Interfaces or a common super type are your friends here.
Have all of your collectible Items be a Type of “Collectible Item” or give them an interface and check whether it implements this interface or have this common type.
This way you don’t even have to save your objects in the persistent Level.

Yep, use BP Interfaces or Events.
Most of the time you don’t need to reference anything unless for few specific cases;
Epic has some videos about Blueprint communication up on youtube.

I was spinning in circles, and you guys are kind enough to simply point in the direction I need to go.
Can’t thank you enough!

Just for the record, I got it working, and just as I could foresee, it only made sense once it was done! *“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” *
Thanks a lot for the help again guys!