How to auto jump

… if you are using a Character actor, you can trigger the Jump blueprint event… whenever you like (by pressing a key, by entering a trigger volume etc)


I’m french so my english is not perfect thank you for your understanding

I would like to do an auto-jump for my character as in the cube world game but I do not dare so I ask how to

thank you for your answer

yes thank you but I would like a more competing blueprint by that if I do it my character will jump loop if I remain the actor

yes but I would like to be fair as if everything was the same tail as a staircase or we do not need to jump we can see it in the basic map of thirdperson

there my character goes up alone without me jump I want the same thing but with stairs bigger

I would like my character to climb the white stairs without jumping

yes, you are correct…

if you stay inside the trigger volume (or trigger actor), your character will jump constantly…

to solve this…

Use a Do Once node, and Reset the node when your character leaves the trigger volume (or trigger actor)

sorry Lokosse… but I don’t quite understand…

… sorry… I’m still not understanding

you’d like him to jump higher?

you’d like the stairs to be higher?

…mmmm… it might be possible… but it may look unusual…

go to your Character Movement Component > Character Movement: Walking > Max Step Height

set this to more than the height of your giant steps

vous êtes le bienvenu… I’m happy it works :wink:

super hallelujah thx it’s great :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: