How to attach two of same particle to two different sockets?

Hello guys,

I’m facing this weird problem when I use Spawn Emitter Attached node. Basically I have two sockets on a skeletal mesh and I need to attach the same particle to both of those sockets. How can I do this?

When I use Spawn Emitter Attached node in series I get 1 particle at normal size and one particle at a very very thin size. Why is this happening? Please help. Thank you.

A particle system only has a single origin point, it’s not possible or really even sane to try to attach it to two sockets at once. I’m not even sure what that would MEAN.

Are you talking about something like a beam emitter (which has an origin, and then has an endpoint)? Or are you trying to use AnimTrails?

Hello thank you for replying. Well to be more specific I have a Gargoyle character and I want to attach this flame particle to both of its hands. The problem i’m having is that both particles are not the same size like they should be. What’s happening? One particle is normal size while the other is ridiculously thin. It doesn’t make sense.

Please see this blueprint on how im trying to accomplish

All im trying to do is spawn 2 instances of the same emitter and attach them to each hand

It looks to me like that SHOULD work just fine.

Are your sockets resized? Remember that when you Snap To a target, the snapped child inherits the scale of its parent; if the right hand socket and left hand socket don’t both have the same size (should probably be 1,1,1) then one particle system will be stretched.