How to attach to componet when target is in level? (No level blueprints)

I want to attach a mesh to a socked I made, but it’s not working, becaurse there is no way to reference the object?
What is the node I can’t find?

It only works in level blueprints, but I need it in my character blueprint. How do I get the mesh reference in there?

No problemo, be sure to mark it as solved :slight_smile:

It’s very versatile and can be used for skeletal mesh as well.

pretty sure it cant be marked as solved without an answer. convert your comment to an answer then all will be well.

You don’t need to attach it, you just set the mesh for the socket. Ie in your character blueprint you have a static mesh with the desired socket as the parent socket. Then to attach the item you use “Set static mesh” and the mesh you set will be whatever it is you want to attach.

Uhh, I’d never had that idear. But it’s pretty nice. Works like a charm. Thanks :slight_smile: