How to attach player character to the wall?

Hello, I have some problem with attach.
I want to attach my player character to the wall in my scene.

I use **Line Trace for ** to get wall component and set it to Wall Slide to Component.

Normally if I walk character to wall direction, it will slide down slowly.
I want to press some button to make it temporary stop at that position and continue slide when I released button.

Problem is when i use Attach to, it will not stop my character to that position. If I set Location Rule to Snap to Target, it will snap my character to 0, 59.787, 2.468.

I use Attach to because I want to make my character catch the moving platform in future.


Wall Running tutorial:


Thank you for answer.
I already give up to use Attach To. I solve the problem by set gravity to 0 just like the link too.