How to attach or reattach actors in sequence via blueprint or python or C++?

I figure out how to attach or reattach actors(Bindings) in Level Sequence via blueprint or python or C++?
I want to optimize editing hundreds of recorded sequence

I was trying a lot of method to do it, but can’t find working method

What I tryed:

  1. Python
    I was tryed to find way to attach via python(pic 1), but…
    Screenshot 2020-09-29 122041.jpg
    but get this error in OutputLog

I think it happens because “section” should has MovieScene3DConstraintSection type, but I also can’t cast section in Attach track to MovieScene3DConstraintSection because it has MovieScene3DAttachSection type.


I also tried to do this via blueprints

I created Editor Script, which get selected Level Sequence from Content browser, than get needed binding actor, than get add attach track and add attach section(I tried to cast section as AttachSection and ConstraintSection - both ways don’t work), and then “get the section and set constraint binding ID” usint “get sequence Binding” node (pic 2)

And I tryed to do this in another way that use “Get Binding” and “Make Binding ID” nodes(pic3), but it also doesn’t work and can’t set new Constraint binding ID(Attach actor to another actor)

If anybody has any suggetions please help me. I figure out 1 month around this issues and can’t get this to work.

Here is a simple project with my examples…9u-HWzyAo/view

Does anybody know how to fix it?