How to attach object to metahuman character?

From what I can see metahuman is setup differently from previous characters, from before youd have a mesh and being able to connect a object to component and attach to a mesh socket. Now I’m not able to find the object that has the socket. Made a socket on the metahuman character but you cant use the previous method of casting or getting character and getting mesh. Any help would be very much appreciated thank you all. Keep grinding!!!

Did you ever figure this out? I am also having a difficult time attaching a prop to a Metahuman that I’m driving with a Live Link from iClone. I keep doing tutorials but most spawn at Runtime. I’m using Take Recorder. I can create Sockets on the skeleton but I can’t find or attach anything to them.

I’m obviously needing some Blueprint nodes to do this but can’t find any help online.

I´d like to know how to do this, too…

I found this tutorial: 3 Techniques For Attaching Something To Your Metahuman in Unreal - YouTube