How to attach light to actor blueprint bone in animation?

I have modeled a nightclub light, in which the head spins through an animation. I was wondering how I would go about being able to add a spot light, change the parameters, and have it follow a bone from the model, so it would spin with the head of the light’s model. Would this be possible? I want for when the light aims at a wall, the wall to light up with the in-game light, and move around direction alongside the actual light head. Is this possible? Thanks :slight_smile:


I think your solution here is a socket and some Construction BluePrint Magic. Not in front of my Dev PC at the moment … so I can’t remember off-hand what it is. 8-{

I’m quite new to blueprints, possibly anywhere I can learn how to do this? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay … post got lost in the noise.

Try these if you are still stuck:

Skeletal Mesh Sockets
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I hope these help. 8-}