how to attach items to the char hands?

so i created a new weapong and it works fine in 3p but in 1p he dont hold the weapon and the weapon is just floating in the air

3p 1p.PNG

first person 6f9bdba9f50c03b5d6a918408572a26804248f52.jpeg

You should have 2 meshes for any weapon you are creating. Do you have meshes listed in Mesh1P and Mesh3P (The wording might be off slightly, not looking at the kit right now)

i have 1 mesh i copyed and puttet it in the same position in blender as 1p and 3p assult riffle and yes i have it in mesh1p and 3p

It looks like the 1st person animations associated with your weapon are not functioning properly/have not been set up. Try and look for FPV animations.

is it something with sockets?

Bump, I can’t figure out how to properly set the animation either