How to attach hand to moving steering wheel for Sequence animation

I’m not doing a game, I’m slowly migrating my animation tasks from 3ds Max to UE. I’m not a programmer nor am I a seasoned UE artist yet. But I’m learning and not afraid to read a lot and do tons of tutorials.

My setup is simple in theory but I can’t figure out how to do the following. I have a steering wheel (mesh) actor that turns right and left in a Level Sequence. I have a MetaHuman sitting at it. All I need to do is connect the hands to the steering wheel so that as it turns, the hands and forearms move convincingly.

This is not a Game, it’s not Runtime, it’s not a shooter scene, I don’t hit ‘Play’ to start anything. It’s a Level Sequence that I render out to a PNG sequence of images. I just need the hands to move as the steering wheel turns.

As I research it I’m finding that I need Sockets, but they can only be connected to Bones. I research adding Bones to an object (my steering wheel) and can’t find anything useful. Quickly, I’m in the bottom of a 3-hour rabbit hole.

Any suggestions as to what I need to do?

Did you ever figure this out?