How to attach Get HUD Reference to Remove from parent

Hi there!
So I was following the UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide and I ran into a step that is impossible to follow with the instructions given. It states that you need to connect the Get HUD Reference to Remove from Parent. It fails to tell you that you cannot do that because it states that an object reference is not compatible with a widget reference. Basically, I’m trying to connect the two unconnected widgets in the picture, which the tutorial from unreal says to do, but I can’t. And before someone mentions it, I know the tutorial does a First Person character cast, but I’m doing a twin stick shooter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Link to tutorial from unreal:

Hello zmw7710,

From looking at the tutorial, are you certain that you did the earlier step that set up the HUD Reference variable correctly? You can find that step at [this page on step #11 - #13][1]. I tested this in 4.13 and it’s working correctly for me. Please be sure that your HUD Reference is being created directly off the “Return Value” of the node that is being used to create this widget, to ensure your variable is of the correct type.

To be clear, here’s a picture of my set up, it’s squished a bit to fit it all. The FirstPersonCharacter BP is on the left, with my own custom actor on the right.