How to attach different parts to a model on collision or input?

So I’m trying to make a PC customization system. I wan’t to be able to pick up a model of a graphics card and attach it to a motherboard. I want to be able to dynamically attach wires to certain sockets. Is there any way to do that? For which documentation should I look?

use the attach to actor node or the attach to component node. you should also probably look into using sockets or scene components too.

basically your trying to recreate the pc builder sim on steam right.

the basics from my quick thought on it would be when card component is overlapping the pcie volume then attach card to MB at location. you would need an event that when you release the component it will either get overlapping components or it will get the computer actor then figure out where is the closest compatible slot for it, and then have an event for placing and attaching.

Thanks. Now I kinda know what I’m looking for.

I successfully attached a mesh to my player model but I can’t seem to figure out how to attach the mesh to another mesh.
I’m using AttachToComponent, made a socket on the other mesh. But what do I need to plug into the parent node?

the parent would be the mesh that you want to attach to, then the socket would be the specific spot