how to attach BP to skeletal mesh socket

BPs are not attaching to socket the usual way we attach a static mesh in skeletal mesh editor…so is there any other way to do that

You just have to attach the root component to your socket in the bp of the actor that you want to attach. e.g In my case I have created a sword (mesh, volume, sound as a root) - now I just added a attach to component node with the player as parent and the sound, mesh, volume as an attachment. Now add your socket name + choose snap to target and then it should work :slight_smile:

But it’s not possible to see the preview of a BP in the skeletal mesh editor!

hiii again bro…can u explain the first part (if u can post some pics of that method that will b much easy) i mean what root component…i know the part that how to attach actor to component and snap to target etc but explain how to attach it to soket in skeletal mesh and if i cant see it than how would i knw that its attached or not

Here we go (that’s how I do it in my game) :slight_smile:


Awesome ^^

i follow this but i still have a prob the blueprint just disappear instead of attaching to the place where the socket is


ok its not disappearing but become so huge and floating far away from me…so how mi gona change its size i thought when i place it in world and size it, that will be its final size and it will attach to me at that size

Is the origin of your root component right + add a mesh to that socket in the skeletal mesh editor and then adjust the position of the socket (?v=-)?

:stuck_out_tongue: How I attach something to a socket?


Ok, you have to scale it in your bp -> just tried it out with my sword :slight_smile:

thnx again bro its done now…case closed :slight_smile: