How to attach both hands to a sword in the sequencer?

I’m using the default ThirdpersonBP Control rig, and the Free Fantasy Weapon Sample Pack, and the Sequencer.
I’ve been trying to make animations for my character, and I’m currently trying to make 2 handed weapon animations. I’ve looked and I couldn’t find anything on this subject for help.
I want the right hand to define where the Sword goes, and the Sword to define where the left hand goes, so the left hand doesn’t look all floaty and weird.
Any suggestions?

Not sure if this could work, but I’d suggest trying to add a socket to either the sword (if it has a skeleton that can be animated), or add a socket to the right hand with an offset so you can attach the left hand to that socket. Since you want the sword to follow the right hand, and left hand to follow the sword, it basically means you want the left hand to follow the right hand anyway. Worth testing I suppose.

How do I do that with a control rig in the Animation mode Sequencer? I’ve tried to connect the hand control to the sword but I haven’t figured out how to do it in the Sequencer. I can bind the right hand to the sword just fine, but I can’t seem to be able to bind the left hand to the sword or the left hand to the right.

Okay, so, I’ve tested some theories, but I still haven’t found a solution. What I’m trying to do is bind a control to a bone in the sword, but I haven’t found a way to do that. I can bind a mesh to a bone, but I don’t want the entire mesh to be bound to the sword. Why is it so friggin hard to make two handed weapon animations in this editor!?

Hey @chryobyte1 it sounds like you’re having the same issue as me (here’s my thread).

Do you want to do a similar thing?

I think you might be able to use constraints but I’m still looking at how to do it. My next attempt is something to do with IK Rigs (sounds hard) or using Blueprints that gets the different socket locations and then moves the shovel to match where the guys hands are.

Kinda, yeah. I want the weapon attached to the right hand, and the left hand attached to the weapon, so it moves naturally, yet I’ve found no solution for this. Probably doesn’t help that my experience in UE in basically next to nothing.

Hey @chryobyte1, have you watched this video about UE 5.1’s new “Constraints” feature? Check it out. You could use constraints to do this I think. I will see about posting a video to show how I did it.

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