How to attach an actor transform to another actor

hey, i want to attach an actor (Keycardcontrol device) to a safe door so when the player opens the safe door the keycard control also moves with it. but when I attach the actor from Attach To menu it’s only attached to it in the level preview and not at run time.

export the safe as fbx. Reimport it as skeletal mesh, tick create new skeleton.

Open the mesh in the editor, add a socket where you want the keycard to attach to.

Attach the actor to the socket.

It should just work with attachment, but if not, you can make the door a BP and put the card reader in there…

add a scene component in the actor and use AttachActorToComponent

you can put sockets in static meshes

True, yet I find that new devs feel the sk approach more intuitive.

Skeleton, right click bone → add socket… manipulate location, rotation
SM editor, find socket manager, create socket… manipulate


Is one way I found to do it. It attaches the box to a socket in a Skeletal Mesh. But this would be done during runtime or maybe in begin play, hopefully that might work even tho it is more of a hassle.
If it is supposed to always be attached to the safe door you could add the Actor Keycardcontrol Device in the safe door Actor blueprint.
Hope I didn’t misunderstand your question.

you forget the first step, export the fxb to a 3dapp, add bones, weigh it and import it again :joy:

don’t need to add bones.

ah, i didn’t know you could import skeletal meshes without bones

it’s still bad advice - a skeletal mesh has limitations of all sorts, including how it reacts to lighting.

I think OP’s issue is that the object he’s trying to parent to - the door - is not it’s own object but a portion of another BP/Actor.
To attach to the door itself using the eidtor the door it self would have to be a separate actor.

Otherwise you need to edit the BP and place the component on the door - or a socket/scene component on the door, and attach it at runtime.

yes, this is a example using a scene componente