How to attach an actor to socket?

I am trying to get an actor to attach to my character. I have managed to get the actor to follow the character when Im moving. But the when I play an animation on the character the actor will stay on the same place. If I look on it in the animation preview it seems like the socket is moving like it should.

Get the socket’s transform and plug it to spawn actor’s transform input.

That did not work. Where I spawn the actor seems to not matter since it will be positioned with the character. It will just not follow when animations run.

What I do is, I have a skeletal mesh component in my characters components that I use to display my weapons.

Whenever I change to a weapon (by selecting one, picking one up etc.) I set the skeletal mesh as the mesh I want to be displayed, then attach it to a bone of the characters mesh (the moving char, with his arms and legs) (called Mesh in the following image).

This works for me.