How to attach Actors with multiple PhysicsConstraintActor?

I’m using the Unreal Realistic Rendering scene as a template to learn the basics and right now I’m modifying the lamp to have a physics based cord that can detach from the wall if pulled with enough force. I have the cord connected to the base of the lamp with a socket, and connected to the plug.

I set the linear limits on the PhysicsConstraintActor to 35 which gives me the ability to move the lamp about the same distance as the cord length,

now I’m trying to make it so that the plug releases from the outlet when the lamp is pulled with enough force, but also trying to maintain the proper length of the cord without having it stretch/extend. I’ve added a PhysicsConstraintActor to the outlet and added a socket, I then attached the Outlet to the Plug. However when I turn on simulate physics for the plug it allows the lamp to extend infinitely.

I’m not sure what the best way would be to get this to work, the first constraint from the plug to the lamp seems to stop working when physics are simulated on the plug?

if anyone has any suggestions it would be a huge help.