How to attach a StaticMesh to a Ragdoll in runtime?

I would like a Ragdoll to stick to the surface of a (moving) StaticMesh.
However, once RagdollPhysics is enabled, the SkeletalMesh no longer AttachesToComponent, and enabling physics once it is attached makes it unstick.

The closest I got was to make the CollisionCapsule stick instead, and use a EventTick to set the position of the Ragdoll, but this is jittery and RagdollPhysics stops working as intended.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

I kinda found a better yet still not optimal way by adding a new bone in the SkeletalMesh with Blender. Now the SkeletalMesh can fully Ragdoll while attached to the CollisionCapsule and the CollisionCapsule can attach to (moving) StaticMeshes.
Still hoping for a better solution though.