How to attach a Static Mesh to Player Skeletal Mesh Socket 4.7

In 4.5 I was able to attach a static mesh to my player character through persona by adding a socket first to the and then assigning that socket to that mesh component through the mesh details within the character components. However in 4.7 clicking the socket option within the mesh details results in no sockets showing up to choose from. Was the process of doing this changed? Or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Hi StarksUnreal,

You choose the parent socket from the Child Component’s details.

So first make sure that the Child Component (static mesh in your case) is parented to the Skeletal Mesh, then select the child component. In it’s details, select the looking glass next to Parent Socket.


Perfect! Thank you so much!

the crops make it hard to see which panels are used. Can anyone give more detailed info?

i have created a socket on the skeletal mesh but cant attach

Hi bdogular,

That dropdown can be found in the details panel when you select a component. Parent Socket is present for almost every component and will list bones and sockets for the parent component.

Hopefully this screenshot is a little better: