How to attach a skeletal mesh to another skeletal mesh residing in a bp, without using a level bp.

The setup in this thread, posted by ShadowOf047, fixed the problem below.
Here’re some pics of the most important setups I needed to get it to work on mine.


Thanks a lot ShadowOf047 for showing how you set the stuff up!


I’ve scoured youtube and the forums trying to find out how to do it, but couldn’t find anything quite right.
This was one of the best sources I could find, despite it being a little dated: but this one’s about attaching a static mesh to the player character.

I have an npc character that’s pieced together in the Construction Script of a Character Blueprint (using the Set master pose component). The master mesh is a torso with arms. The slave pieces driven by the skeleton of the torso w/ arms are 1)hair, 2)shoes and 3)legs.
This all works nice, as they all share the same skeleton. When I drag the character blueprint into the world all pieces show up perfectly.

The face. The face has a completely different skeleton - consisting of just a couple bones 1 for each eye, 1 for the whole face, and then a bunch of blendshapes (or morphs). Seeing that there are 2 animations (1 for the face and 1 for the torso w/arms (rest of the body parts) I need played simultaneously; I thought the best way to add a face to the NPC would be to add a socket (called, say, “focket”) to the head bone of the master mesh (the torso w/ arms), then make an Actor Blueprint for the face and in its event graph attach the face to the “focket” in the torso skeleton.

I tried setting it up lots of different ways, but couldn’t get it to work.
I’ve verified the following:
-collision is off on the face
-snap to target is on
-the face shows up perfectly fine if I just drag it into the world

3 questions:
1)Might any kind soul tell me, or refer me to a tutorial that covers, how to handle this specific setup?
2)Is the actor blueprint not the way to go?
3)Do I have to use the Level Blueprint?

Thanks in advance for any help!