How to attach a ragdoll skeletal mesh to a static mesh in run time?

I ragdoll the player character after a spear hits him .

now I want to attach him to that spear.

I tried to do that but he backs to animation

he is attached to that spear and follows that until the spear stops or hits a wall but in animation state not ragdoll

any idea?

Hi saeedc,

I added this to the FirstPersonProjectile component and it seems to work pretty well. It should at least give you a good starting point.



Hi TJ thank you for your reply

I asked about attaching a ragdoll to a projectile.

ragdoll backs to animation when I attach it to a projectile.

this is my graph

that skeletal mesh no longer simulate physics after attach

maybe ATTACH COMPONENT TO ACTOR(or comp) could help you

if it doesn’t work, you can consider to write a function using Set Socket Location and exec it every tick

good luck!

if u want to stop anim playing, just follow these step:

get mesh-set anim instance(null) 【in bp or c++】

get mesh-set simulate physics(true) [significant]

don’t forget to set collision type to block all or sth else


now my character is in T pose after attach.

have you tried it yourself?

character is attached and follows spear correctly but ignores physics simulation. I don’t know why.

and even if I set its physics after attach it ignores attach and falls.

Physics Constraint Actor or Component can be used to attach two actors or components together from any bone. Chances are, if you stumbled upon this question, this is the answer you’re looking for even though it doesn’t really answer the question.

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