How to attach a pawn to a Spline Blueprint

Hi guys

Yesterday saw this tutorial that shows how to create a road using the construct script.

That is very good and works perfectly.

Only I want to implement other features to it and I am in doubt about how to do this. And I need help.

Features list:

  • Ability to attach the pawn (player) to follow the spline
  • Being able to follow the path, but the possibility to freely look around.
  • Possibility of applying gravity in pawn
  • Ability to change the speed that the pawn makes its way

I need these options, because I have to do a roller coaster, tried using a plugin, but it only works in older versions of UE4 (Version 4.6.1).

And I want to reproduce this effect, but using the Gear VR.



I place items in a spline each x distance, you can get location and rotation based in the wagon speed.

I Got, only how can I attach the car and how to make it go the way?

This code going in the car, use tick node to change position value over time…

apply the make trasform… not sure if “move to” or “teleport” or “set word position”.

Use a spring arm to attach the camera for simulate a bit of gravity. not sure about this can work.