How to attach a pawn to a different pawn bone socket via network?

So I am using Unreal Engine 4’s visual scripting node-based editor to create two pawns. What I am trying to do is, when the game level is loaded, I want to snap and constrain the location and orientation of pawn A (playable character 1) to pawn B’s (playable character 2) head bone socket. Now, I am trying to achieve this game mechanic via a network. One of my computers functions as the listen server while the other computer is a client of the listen server. The problem is, pawn A is not snapping to pawn B even with an AttachTo node, is there a special function that I need for a client to be able to communicate to the listen server? And if so, where should this mechanic be placed, the gamemode blueprint, level blueprint, character blueprint? Thanks for your help!

No one really knows how to do this? Any guidance would be much appreciated, please!