How to attach a mesh to a character + simulate physics

I’m trying to attach a sword to an npc character which inherits from the character class but i also want the mesh of the character and the sword to simulate physics.

The problem is that the sword and the hand to which it is attached collide with one another and cause them to swing randomly in all directions.

To attach the sword i’m using this:

and to simulate the physics on the animation this:

the collision settings in the character mesh is this:

any help?


The collision settings on the sword?

It probably needs to ignore the player capsule / possibly the player mesh.

Hi thanks for reply. The collision settings for the sword you can see in the first screenshot, in the right side

objects that are simulating physics will automatically detach from their parent no matter what u do.
if u want attach an object while simulating physics u need to use physics handle or physics constraint

Not necessarily / it would depend on the object.
A static mesh. yes. It will likely detatch itself.
A skeletal mesh can be specifically set up to simulate physics while keeping the root bone socketed.

Regardless. He didn’t say that the mesh is simulating physics. he’s got the socketed sword and expected the animation to react with the physical animation component as if it were a hit.
There’s nothing wrong with that idea or the setup.

If the first screenshot is the collision settings, there’s everything wrong with that.
It blocks/generates a hit on the pawn.
So you are basically hitting yourself when the animation plays.

As I said. It needs to ignore everything except objects and enemies.
And the player capsule collison needs to ignore the sword.
They have to work in tandem.

Use collision channels:
Old video you can sift through explaining how to use collision channels: