How to attach 2nd character to Main and detach


I’m trying to create a blueprint interaction event where my 2nd character attaches to my main with the “E” key and detaches with the same key.

So the interaction between both characters are working so I can interact between both characters I’m just trying to figure out how to create the event.
My 2nd character at the moment follows me on the ground but I would like to equip the 2nd follow character to my main on shoulder or head with interaction.

I attached my blueprint for what I have but the camera goes crazy if I don’t set “Do Collision Test” to false on my mains camera boom. But when I do this my characters movement is all over the place.

I also have a Scene Component that the 2nd character attaches to and it works. I can’t seem to detach and re-attach after detaching through interact

I added a pic of Star Wars Jedi The Fallen Order as to where I’m trying to attach the character to.

The second character (attachable) should not be of the character/pawn class. I’d personally treat it, when attached, as I would a weapon.
e.g. going from hip fire to aim down sights.

My setup in this regard has a camera socketed behind the weapons ironsights. I use set target view with blend to toggle between the cameras.

So when the companion is on the ground/following it’s AI, then on attach destroy AI, spawn BP actor replacement. I’d use montages to get the companion into transition location, once there destroy it and spawn the replacement and attach it.

never thought of destroying the AI and replacing (Spawn) with a different BP, I’ll give it a try.

I’ve never done anything like this before. I just foresee a lot of issues down the road trying to get two characters classes working right under a single controller. Activate/Deactivate this/that, disable/enable this that etc. Too much room for hitching and error.

So yeah my approach would be to treat the attached companion as an item picked up. This I have done.
e.g. a weapon on the ground that on pick up is holstered to the back.