How to assign Selected Target on Actors

I have this Variable

I used it on this


and it is working well.

But now I need to use a new variable type which is this


How can I set the Selected Target when the variable type is now an actor?..
I have multiple class that I want to consider as a target that is why I need to change the variable type.

If i’m understanding the question correctly, you need to have a parent class that everything else inherits from. By having a parent class, for example Targetable, that everything else inherits from, you can store any of the child classes derived from it in the parent class. a child class counts as its parent.

Here is a tutorial I made to introduce the concept of parenting a little in unreal. It focuses more on the concept of events and functionality differences in the parent/child. There is a lot more to inheritance, and inheritance is an extremely powerful and important concept in both Unreal and programming in general.

Thank You for the prompt reply, I will try this. :slight_smile: