How to assign an animtion to a diffrent object in ue?

Hi there,
I have just been wondering how I would assign an animation to a diffrent object. I made the animation in blender and used a diffrent model that I made. This model is blank and had no texture. I have the same model but with textures. Would I be able to assign the animation I made with the none textured item to all the textured items in the engine. The models are the same and use the same mesh and armature. If this is possible, how would I do this.
All advice is appreciated. Thanks

Hey @MillipedeMan!

So I’m thinking this official documentation will be able to help you. You’ll just import your animations to UE and then retarget them to your textured objects

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That does help with the skeletal mesh. Is there a way to do this with just a static mesh with no armature.
Thanks for the reply!

Hey again @MillipedeMan!

Sorry, but there really isn’t a way to do this with a static mesh :frowning: That’s what they mean by the static part. They use that word as another word for “unchanging” mesh. You can move them with code, but as far as true animation, I’m no animator but I’m 99% sure that’s a no-go :frowning: