How to Assign a Nav Agent to an Actor?

Hey there, calling in to ask for help.

I just learned about Nav Agents yesterday and I’ve been trying to figure them out, but I’m in a pickle. I’ve got one AI dude who’s pretty large, and he was bumping into walls trying to walk down a straight corridor, so I added a new Nav Agent with a wider radius. He’s fine now.

Problem is, the agent seems to have applied itself to everyone else too, including the player character. Some of the matinees I’ve made require the player to move in some tight spaces, and those are broken now. I did some reading up on the subject, but it’s just not clear to me how I’m supposed to assign who gets which Nav Agent. I’m using just one nav mesh per map right now, but I’ve tried adding two – each accounting for its own Nav Agent – but that didn’t change things.

Thanks for any assistance, and y’all have a good day.

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It’s been a few days and this has dropped off the map without any comment, so I’m going to do a little bump.

If there is some issue with using multiple Nav Agents, does anyone have a suggestion for simulating the effect of having multiple Nav Agents? Could I manipulate the actors’ capsules in some way?

Sorry for the bump and thanks for any help. Happy Easter, if you celebrate.

EDIT: Solved this on my own. If anyone cares, the issue was that the instance of my pawn was having his Nav Agent updated and I didn’t notice. Setting his values to the default fixed things.

… dude, can you explain bit more? this is my problem too.