How to assign a class and player start location?

I am new UE and have been watching endless videos each day to learn and practice. I have been making progress with creating my first game, but want to focus on the main menu and character creation. Unfortunately, I’ve been having difficulty finding answers for what I would like to do in game.

When the player reaches the character select screen, they would scroll through different species and choose between male & female. Once chosen, they would be sent to another screen where they would scroll through and choose the character’s profession. After confirmation, the player would start the game in a location specific to their profession (for example: driver would start in front of a car dealership, mechanic would start in front of a repair shop, etc.). Each profession would have their own perks, abilities, etc.

The issues I have are:
-assigning an individual class to a character
-having the character spawn to a specific class start location

I would imagine that the professions would be their own blueprints where all details could be set. Then, it’s just a matter of pairing the profession to the selected character (species & gender). Even if that guess is correct, I don’t know how to I could do that.

Assuming you don’t have an infernally complicated setup, you would make one base character class, and the other classes would probably inherit from that.

Often, people keep the character attributes and other variables in the character. These might all be in the base class, or could be added by inherited classes.

Where you are going to play ( level or location ) is just the name of a map you can load and a location within that map.

When you’re ready, you can open the appropriate map, and spawn the right kind of character at that location.

You can pass necessary variable either by the game instance or / and the save game. Both of these classes of object survive between changing maps.

I have heard this, but seen it differently in videos. Some videos have simply Cntrl + W’ed the base character to create the multiple playable characters. I would imagine this wouldn’t sustain a parent/child connection between the player characters. As I’m still getting the hang of blueprints and starting my game, it would be tedious to individually make adjustments for ten separate characters (five species, two genders each). Is there a way to set it up where they would continue to inherit from the base character after they’ve been created (parent/child)?

Oh, interesting! I heard one or two individuals mention game instance before. I’ll do some more research into it pertaining to character/class specific player start locations. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I’ve been sort of lost the last couple days.

CTRL-W is basically pointless. Right click and ‘make child instance’. That way, you get to make successive customizations.

The Game Instance is just an empty blueprint that survives between level loads, it’s always running, and so is a great place to put stuff.