How to approach the meshing pass?

Hi guys,
So I’m new to the unreal engine and have a query about moving through the different phases of level design. Going from the Prototyping pass into the meshing pass is a huge task and I don’t know how I should start. from what I understand. 1 unreal unit is 1cm, however, there is an issue with the unreal engine where if you scale a brush, the dimensions do not update (If I create a 200x200x200 brush and scale it to 1000x1000x1000 it will say it is still 200 each dimension). Is it ideal to export the brushes (for the dimensions) and build upon them in a 3D application? If so how would I go about doing that?

Many thanks!

Hey Sparkes,

I have been trying to nail down my workflow as well in this regard. And I can say that I’ve successfully started building the prototypes in-engine, converting to static meshes (bsp -> SM) and then exporting that SM out to the 3d modeling program for edits.

Reimport them and place as you need.

But I’m sure there’s a better way.