How To Approach: Pick Up Item in World and Carry It Around

Hi all.

I’m new to using blueprints and am not sure how to approach this problem.
I want to have my third person character approach an item, pick it up on a button press and then have the item visibly carried in my characters arms (like in Little Nightmares) until dropped on the same button press.

I understand some concepts such as keyboard events, casting and overlaps but I’m really not sure what to do as everything I’ve tried so far doesn’t seem to work.
Also, do I need to create a new animation for carrying and carrying while walking or can I use blueprints to target the hands to a certain point on the item picked up?
Screenshot would be much appreciated (as I’m a very visual learner and get easily confused with written descriptions) and videos are even better.
(I’m using version 4.17.2)

Thanks for taking the time to read my noob question. :slight_smile:

Ok so I assume you are in 3d space since this is third person. What you want to do is incredibly simple. You don’t really need to do much work in blueprints if I remember right. You just need to create a socket at the characters hand and then make the weapon socket into that hand socket. Each socket is usually unique so you could call the socket weaponsocket1 for right handed sockets and weaponsocket2 or shieldsocket1 for left hand. No matter what when you pick up the item it will snap to whatever socket you assign it to. Now the only thing beyond socketing the object I would recommend doing is to make some kind of pickup animation and try to transition the item into the socket vs having the character stand over the weapon hit a button and the weapon just blink into the hand socket instantly. Animating and smoothing out the pickup is a whole thing of it’s own though but the functionality you want will be there and you can polish the entire thing up later if you want.

Here is a very fast tutorial explaining exactly what you want to do: The entire video is only 2:22 so in under 3 minutes you should be all set :slight_smile: