How to apply to become a moderator?

Hi All

How can I apply to be a Forum moderator?


There is no real application process. Basically the community reaches a certain size where the current amount of moderators will not be able to handle it, then I start sending out PMs to people who are active in the community. The last time we brought on any mods was for UE4 going free and the 4.7 release. Currently we have enough moderators to handle a very large community. If the community grew substantially or a few moderators become inactive, then I would start head-hunting again.

If you want to be noticed, just keep being active and helpful. Also I like to see people with a decent amount of editor knowledge, answerhub karma, wiki edits, game jam entries, etc etc, that shows they are very involved in UE4. Let me know if you have any questions.

Can I apply to have a moderator forum badge on the merit of knowing many moderators? I be like, yo, moderator, check this out, and they be like, aight.

[/Badge collecting]


There you go … 8-p

Hah, niiiiiice.

I’ll keep you in mind Allar. Until then, you are the unofficial “Assistant to the Moderators”. This title does not come with badges or honors, just more work.

Sounds exactly like my day job. Awwww yeah.