How to Apply Swamp Algae Layer to Water?

I’m creating a map, and am trying to do a swamp. Most of my efforts have been spent manipulating an ocean/water plane to no success.

I’ve checked pretty thoroughly but I can’t seem to find some sort of tutorial for creating the dirty, debris laden swamp water effect. I’ve checked the game assets thinking it might be a textured static mesh plane, but no. I’ve experimented with different material instances for water planes, but either I haven’t found the right combination or I’ve been looking at the wrong files (I’ve tried the algae masks and algae depth blur layers to no success). Any help would by appreciated, I don’t have much experience in the DevKit so it’s highly likely I could be using a completely incorrect water plane/texture/whatever. Thanks!

i seem to remember there is an algae texture/mesh some place in there …
I remember adding it to my map, a long time ago, and it looked like poo. Just didnt feel right.
Now, thinking back to playing ark, i do remember being able to show/hide algae layer when going above or below the water line, and, timed just right, you can see just that layer (as you know, there is a “line” where the postprocess layers dont get shown at all, seems kinda fixed in the latest Arks tho).

Hmm, I’ve had a look around the water post process volumes and water planes but to no success. No algae layer/depth blur materials seem to work. I even tried to load up The_Island sublevels to see if I could find/discover any values there, but I haven’t been able to find the sublevels containing water planes (despite checking all the obvious levels). Once again, any more details would be welcome. Thanks!

i want to say it was a static mesh. there are some places, and, assuming it hasn’t changed, you could click on the areas and select the algae parts. best to wait for someone who has the ADK installed to help you i think. I do remember being able to add it in as an item on top of the water

you are probably using the wrong texture/mesh i seen the swamp one somewhere but i did not make my swamps yet so its kind of hard to find it again. Its in there.