How to apply properly a turn animation for a character (without root motion)


I’m thinking about perform a 180 degree turn for my character and I don’t find the solution. I have a turn animation without root motion and when the animation finish the mesh go back to the initial position. I have tried to rotate my character at the animation’s end but looks like ****.

Any idea for manage it??


I’d recommend adding root motion to the root joint in your DCC software to avoid having to code all possible rotation possibilities in the future.
Please see this: How do I rotate a character with root motion? - UE4 AnswerHub
Looks like there’s already Yrotation information on the Hip bone, so you could move that over to the skeleton root bone (which I hope is at the origin on the floor).
You might have to tweak the rotation values a bit in the DCC software so you get a perfect 180.
If you don’t have a root joint on the floor in your skeleton, I suggest you add one. That and root motion solve a lot of issues that you’ll run into later.

Hi xenlock,

Thanks for your advice. I knew about this but I was wondering how to do that without root motion. I think that root motion is a recent feature (more or less) so should be some games that do this without use root motion. Or… I dont know… maybe it’s the only way to do this.


There are a couple ways to do it, you can use a Move Component To node set to the time it takes to do the turn. That would apply the rotation while he’s doing the turn, so it might look like he’s over rotating.

You could also use a notify at the end of the animation that would set the characters rotation to 180 degrees from what it was. You might get a snap but if you time it right it might not be noticeable.