How to apply part of facial animation to body animation

I made a few animated sequences by applying Metahuman’s facelink to the animation of Face mesh and recording it. And I applied this to the meta-human in the sequencer, but when I applied it to the face, there was no movement of the neck and head. The body animation will be applied separately through the fbx file, and only some of the facial animations recorded will be saved. The methods I thought of are as follows.

  1. Copy and paste the curve values of the face animation into the curve of the body animation.
    → But I don’t know where the curve value for body animation is.

  2. Set the nodes to retrieve the curve value of the face animation to the body anim bp.
    → Blueprint is really hard for me.

Please let me know if you have any of the above two recommendations or know more. please

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Plz tell me how can i do this work and grow with our community