How to apply changed engine folder to a uProject file?

You forgot to do one step :stuck_out_tongue:

One last thing. You’ll want to setup
your Windows shell so that you can
interact with .uproject files. Find
the file named
in the
folder and run it. Now, you’ll be able
to double-click .uproject files to
load the project, or right click them
to quickly update Visual Studio files.

I’m doing with engine source now.
I changed engine source folder from “e:UnrealEngine” to “d:\Engines\UnreanEngine”.

and then, what do I have to do is to apply the changes above to working uproject.
Because as you may already know, the uproject is referencing the old directory.

So, I tried generate visual studio projects files via the menu of right-clicking on uproject file.

But, it showed crash message, and I failed.

Did I do right in a way? if it doesn’t, how can I do this?

ah ha :slight_smile: thx thx.~~ I forgot!