How to apply camber to the wheels?

Hello everyone, I’m having problems trying to put “camber” on the wheels of a vehicle, I tried to put it manually but the wheel rotates around the main bone, some way to get around or fix this?


thanks, to all

The way I do it, with a pure visual wheel on a raycast vehicle, is to set a roll angle for the tire based on the suspension compression. If the suspension is fully extended you apply a +5 deg camber. If it is fully released you apply a -5 deg camber. And values in between. Use the Map Range Clamped node to map the suspension compression (0 to 1) to the camber angle (-5 to 5).

By the way, since the wheel is also rolling on the ground, you need to parent it to a Scene Component and apply the roll angle to such Scene Component rather than to the wheel directly, otherwise the wheel will rotate in a weird manner.

Hope this helps!